Chia Pudding & Mango

Chia? Yep. Coconut milk? Check. Mango? You betcha. Panela? Triple check. Not feeling how hot it is this summer and heaven forbid you turn the oven on?! Look no further.  There is ZERO cooking in this recipe. The best part is it stays in the fridge ready for you to eat at a moments notice!…


They serve this everywhere in Colombia. Naturally I had to jazz it up a bit.

Quinoa, Tabbouleh Style

Quinoa is just plain fun to eat. You either like the nutty texture or you don’t. I happen to be a big fan of it. Cold or hot, quinoa makes a great addition to any meal or as a main stay.

Seasoned Fries

The trick to great fries are to fry them twice. Don’t worry. It’s not as complicated as it seems, especially when you’re working in batches because you don’t own a giant fryer.

Basil Garlic Mayo

I tried this for the first time in Santa Marta, Colombia at a burger joint. It was the perfect dip for my side of fries. I knew I would attempt to replicate this at home because I just couldn’t get enough of it! Suffice to say, it turned out excellent and it will definitely be…